Italian Thick Hot Chocolate Tin 1kg

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    Caffe Molinari Cioco Delice is the best Italian hot chocolate on offer. It is a delicious and flavoursome drink in the authentic style of traditional Italian coffee bars, with the quality you come to expect from one of the finest coffee houses in the world.
  • Caffe Molinari Cioco Delice is everything you could want in a hot chocolate: aromatic, rich and thick with all the bittersweet flavours of Italian chocolate.
  • Energising and warming or cold and refreshing: enjoy this delicious drink hot or cold.
  • Equally suitable for use at home or in a coffee shop.
  • Well packaged in an air-tight tin to preserve the fragrance and flavour - if it lasts that long! Perfect as a gift for any hot chocolate lover.
  • We recommend you stir well for a sublime rich and chocolatey drink.

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