Caffitaly Orzo Barley Capsules

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The Caffitaly system is a pod machine system, similar to those from larger brands such as Nespresso, Lavazza and Tassimo. Unlike the bigger brands, the Caffitaly system allows independent roasters from around the world to put their own coffee - or, in this instance, orzo barley - into Caffitaly capsules. This allows you, the consumer, a greater choice and from a variety of roasters, and generally at a lower price than the major brands - all without any compromise on taste and choice.

  • Caffitaly Orzo Barley capsules make a healthy and delicious Italian alternative to coffee. 100% caffeine free so suitable for the whole family and for drinking throughout the day.
  • Made with gently hulled barley, this fragrant and tasty drink carries many digestive and health benefits. (See BBC article: 
  • Easy to use for a quick, restorative drink with no fuss and no mess.
  • Roasted and packed in Italy to ensure freshness in each capsule. 
  • Suitable for:
    • Caffitaly
    • Dualit Caffitaly
    • La Pavoni Caffitaly
    • Löfbergs
    • Gaggia Caffitaly
    • Saeco Caffitaly
    • Tchibo Cafissimo