Caffitaly Monorigine Messico Coffee Capsules (1 Pack of 10)

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Caffitaly Monorigine Messico Coffee Capsules, a special espresso with a sweet taste, intense aroma and full body.

The unique climate of the northern highlands of the Puebla State, characterized by a constant humid heat and the continuous ocean currents coming from the Gulf of Mexico, gives life to this precious single origin 100% Mexican Arabica. 

Each capsule contains 8 grams of roasted and ground coffee.


ORIGIN: Mexico

AROMA: Intense, with notes of dark chocolate and tobacco leaves

TASTE: Sweet, full body

ROASTING: Medium/Dark


QUANTITY: 1 Pack of 10

Suitable for some Caffitaly, Dualit, La Pavoni, Löfbergs, Gaggia, Saeco, Tchibo Cafissimo machines: please check with the manufacturer before purchasing.

Not compatible with Caffitaly Professional and Coffee for You coffee machines.

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