Illy Classico Coffee Beans (12 Packs of 250g)

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    illy Espresso Medium Roast Coffee Beans are one of the illy range of coffees that has been enjoyed the world over for more than 80 years. A family-run business to this day, illy coffee is synonymous with high quality, a flawless flavour and a consistently smooth taste. illy’s distinctive blend of 100% Arabica beans are sourced from around the world, and this careful selection of only the best results in the smooth and balanced brew we have come to associate with illy. This, coupled with their exclusive packing process which enhances the essential aromas and oils, allows you to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time.'s passion for coffee means we will only offer our customers the very best – and we are pleased to include illy in our product range.
  • Illy Espresso Medium Roast Coffee Beans 250g have a rich and balanced character with suggestions of chocolate and caramel aftertaste.
  • illy’s special blend of 100% sustainably grown Arabica beans is sourced from growers around the world. This results in an Italian coffee which is always smooth, well-balanced and flavoursome.
  • Whole beans which allow a fresh illy flavour, cup after cup – just grind as much as you need.
  • Use in your espresso machine of choice.
  • Water: Use chlorine free water for better taste result.
  • 12 Tins of 250g each
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