Lavazza A Modo Mio Qualita Rossa Coffee Capsule (1 Pack of 16)

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    The Lavazza A Modo Mio system allows you to enjoy the Lavazza coffee shop experience at home every day. The Lavazza A Modo Mio machines have been designed by coffee experts for you to recreate a café-like espresso all from one no-fuss capsule. At the touch of a button you can make your own perfect-sized espresso happy in the knowledge that every single cup will be a perfect quality cup of Lavazza espresso.
Lavazza A Modo Mio Qualità Rossa 16 Coffee Capsules
  • Qualità Rossa capsules make a full-bodied, medium roast espresso with hints of chocolate.
  • An intense blend, rated 10 on the Lavazza scale.
  • Made with a blend of Arabica beans from Brazil and Robusta beans from Africa which allows the fusion of sweet and intense flavours.
  • Qualità Rossa espresso is the perfect start to your day with its rich, full flavours.
  • Each capsule contains 7.5 g of coffee, the perfect measure for the perfect espresso.
  • Quantity: 16 Coffee Capsules.