Lavazza Blue Vigoroso Espresso Coffee Capsules (1 Pack of 100)

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Lavazza Blue Espresso Vigoroso 8g Coffee Capsules are a full-bodied blend, intense and sharp, with dark and thick cream. A blend of Arabica from Central and South America (50%), combined with the best washed and natural Robusta coffees of South Asia.
Very strong and full-bodied blend. The dark roasting, typical of the southern Italian tradition, gives this coffee a full-body and a particularly intense aftertaste with pleasant caramel notes.

  • Taste profile: Intense 
  • Intensity: Very intense, persistent
  • Roasting: Dark
  • Blend: Arabica 50% Washed Robusta 50%
  • Quantity: 100 coffee capsules
  • Coffee per Capsule: 8g
  • Suitable for:
    • Lavazza Blue Mini
    • Lavazza Blue Canto
    • Lavazza Blue Canto x2
    • Lavazza Blue Canto Blindata
    • Lavazza Blue Canto Double Cup
    • Lavazza Blue Classy
    • Lavazza Blue Classy Compact
    • Lavazza Blue Classy & Milk
    • Lavazza Blue Classy Custom Milk