Lavazza Espresso Point Aroma Club Espresso Coffee Capsules

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    The Lavazza Espresso Point system allows you to enjoy the Lavazza coffee shop experience at work or home every day. There is a wide-range of coffee capsules to use with Lavazza's Espresso Point coffee machines, catering to all taste and strength preferences. At the touch of a button you can make your own perfect-sized espresso, without having to leave home or your office, happy in the knowledge that every single cup will be a perfect quality cup of Lavazza espresso.
  • Lavazza Espresso Point Aroma Club Espresso capsules make a medium-roast, full-flavoured yet delicate espresso with notes of caramelised nuts.
  • Made with 100% Arabica coffees from Brazil and Southeast Asia, which allows the fragrant flavours to linger.
  • Aroma Club Espresso capsules have been precisely ground to deliver either a long or short espresso.
  • Made by Italian coffee experts for you to enjoy your favourite espresso without fuss, mess or bother.
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