Lavazza Descaler (1 Pack of 250ml)

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Lavazza Descaling solution 250ml ensures that your Lavazza Modo Mio machines are totally limescale free and hygienic cleanliness*. It’s have been proven hygienic cleaning effect leaves no residue inside the machine. After descaling and subsequent rinsing, the machine is fully food-safe.

What is limescale?
Lime (in chemical terms, calcium carbonate) was formed years ago from deposits composed of marine organisms. Limestone mountains later formed from these sedimentary deposits.

How does it form?
Hard water occurs when rainwater seeps through calciferous rock strata and is enriched with calcium carbonate.
This hard water enters our households as tap water. When hard water is heated or allowed to
evaporate, limescale forms.

What about household descaling remedies?
Citric acid or vinegar might not have a gentle and effective descaling of appliances compared to professional descalers like Lavazza Descaling 250ml, household remedies might have less effective results, and usually do they not get rid of limescale completely as result:
• Products containing citric acid can form an insoluble sediment that ultimately leads to problems with the descaled appliance.
• Products containing vinegar dissolve softening agents in plastics, particularly seals, making them brittle.
• They also leave an unpleasant taste.

    *If you follow the descaling procedure from the manufacturer manual.