Molinari Kenia ESE Coffee Paper Pods (1 Pack of 100)

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    ESE paper pods are suitable for all ESE-compatible espresso machines. They are easy to use, with no mess, and result in a delicious espresso every time. Caffe Molinari's Gourmet range of ESE pods deliver some of the most delicious and fine-tasting espressos for you to enjoy at home.
  • Caffe Molinari Kenia ESE pods give a pleasantly flavoured coffee with a fruity aroma and notes of chocolate.
  • Blended with 100% Arabica beans from Kenya resulting in an aromatic and intense coffee.
  • A 7g measure of coffee in a 44mm pod to deliver the perfect espresso with any compatible espresso machine – convenient, easy and clean.
  • Each pod is individually wrapped in high quality air-free foil, which completely seals in the aromas and odours to retain the freshness of the coffee.

Quantity: 100 ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) Paper Pods