Molinari Tradizionale (Aka Oro) Coffee Beans (2 packs of 1Kg)

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New packaging - New name - Same blend

Molinari launched a beautiful new packaging, renaming their most loved blends! The blends, quantity and quality of their products remain the same.

Molinari Tradizionale (Oro) Coffee will deliver a satisfyingly familiar taste to many as it is used widely in coffee shops. This blend of Indian and Brazilian Arabica and Robusta coffee beans allow you to enjoy this distinctive brew in your own home to your own taste preference. Established in Italy in 1804, Molinari has progressed from its original gastronomic range to now focus solely on coffee. The centuries of expertise, high standards and embrace of cutting edge techniques have resulted in Molinari’s position as one of the most respected and recognised coffee brands, reaching far beyond its Italian origins.

  • Molinari Tradizionale (Oro) Coffee Beans, with their perfect mix of the best coffees, gives this blend an unmistakable body and smooth aroma, with a satisfying crema.
  • Whole beans allow delicious fresh coffee, cup after cup, as you only grind as much as you need.
  • Cutting-edge packing process to keep your coffee beans fresh as the day they were picked.
  • Molinari Tradizionale (Oro) coffee beans are particularly suitable for espresso or filter machines and to drink as an espresso or caffè crèma or caffè latte. 
  • Product number: 76001 - M6021
  • Roasted and Blended Modena Italy.
  • Quantity 2 packs of 1Kg