Siemens Brita Intenza Water Filter 575491

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  • The Brita Intenza Water Filter 575491 prolongs the life of your coffee machine by preventing limescale deposits: protect your investment! 
  • Filtered water improves the taste and aroma of coffee: tastes or smells that may affect your water are removed, as well as lead and copper from domestic plumbing.
  • The unique Intenza setting allows you to adjust the cartridge according to water quality in your area. 
  • It is recommended that the water filter should be replaced after using 220 litres of  soft water, 150 litres of medium hard water, and 80 litres of hard water.
  • Suitable for Siemens systems TCA7... TCC78.../ TK7.../ TE7.../ TES7.../ EQ7.../ Verobar/ Veroprofessional/ C77V6.../ CM250 and various older models. Please call if unsure of compatibility.