Our Heritage:

Gaggia SPA, a cornerstone of Italian espresso, brings the legacy of Achille Gaggia's innovation directly to your coffee ritual. Since 1948, Gaggia has not just been about crafting the perfect espresso machine but also about enhancing every aspect of the coffee brewing experience. This dedication ensures that every espresso aficionado can enjoy the true essence of Italian coffee, even at home.

About This Collection:

At, we're proud to specialise in providing the UK market with a select range of Gaggia SPA products, focusing on the essentials that make a perfect cup of coffee. Our collection is specially curated for those who love Gaggia’s quality:

  • Gaggia Accessories & Spare Parts: Enhance your coffee making and maintain your Gaggia machine with our premium selection of accessories and spare parts. From filters to frothers, we've got everything you need to keep your coffee experience flawless.
  • Gaggia Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee: Delve into the heart of Italian coffee culture with Gaggia’s own coffee beans and ground coffee. Each blend is crafted to deliver the rich, bold flavours Italy is known for, perfect for espresso, cappuccino, and beyond.

Explore Gaggia's world with, where we bring the artistry of Italian coffee into your home. Whether refining your brew with the right accessory or savoring the robust flavours of Gaggia coffee, our collection is here to elevate your coffee moments.