Puly Caff

Puly Caff was born in Italy in 1961 world leaders off Espresso coffee cleaning products. 

Since 1960 working together with a high number of companies that manufacture espresso coffee machines, Asachimici has the responsibility (for the first time) to produce specific detergents for the cleaning of coffee equipment and frothers. Asachimici through its chemical laboratories has got the responsibility to produce specific products for the cleaning of coffee brewing groups and frothers. 

In order to guarranty all over the world a perfect performance, Asachimici through its chemical technicians of the C.S.A.S (Special Applications Research Centre), has asked to submit Puly Caff and Puly milk to severe tests following an NSF International protocol by strictly using raw materials certified at the origin by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The test results were absolutely positive so that Asachimici obtained NSF International's certification and full conformity.