Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti, a name that signifies Italy's rich coffee tradition, brings the art of Italian espresso to your cup. Founded by Massimo Zanetti, this brand is rooted in generations of coffee excellence, embodying a passion that has made it a global ambassador of the Italian coffee culture.

About This Collection: is delighted to present our handpicked selection of Segafredo Zanetti’s finest coffees. This collection caters to the British coffee lover who seeks not just a premium brew but a slice of Italy's celebrated coffee heritage with every sip.

  • Espresso Casa: For those who savour the essence of Italian espresso.
  • Intermezzo: A perfect morning blend that balances strength with aroma.
  • Extra Strong: Crafted for the bold, a blend that leaves a lasting impression.

Experience the spirit of Italian coffee tradition with Segafredo Zanetti at—where every cup is a journey to Italy.