Gaggia Classic Head Group Seal Gasket NG01/001

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  • Gaggia genuine original spare part.
  • Rubber group head gasket 8.5mm x 72mm O/D 57mm I/D is a perfect seal for preventing water leakage in your espresso machine.
  • Fits most coffee machines, but specifically for the traditional machines.
  • Not suitable for Gaggia Carezza RI8525, Cubika, Cubika Plus RI8151/60, New Espresso Color RI8154/80, New Espresso Pure RI8154/60, Gran Gaggia RI8323, Viva.
  • Check manufacturer's guide for compatibility.
  • Part number 996530059219 - 421946504641
  • New Orange Gaggia Gasket: Same genuine original spare part, replacing old black gasket, which is out of production.