Gaggia RI9125/60 Coffee Oil Remover - (1 Pack of 6)

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GAGGIA RI9125/60 cofee oil remover keeps your espresso machine in top condition with Gaggia RI9125/60 Coffee Oil Remover Tablets. These tablets effectively eliminate coffee oil residues from your machine's system, ensuring it remains clean and extending its lifespan. Not only will this maintenance step boost your machine's efficiency and longevity, but it will also enable you to enjoy consistently delicious, aromatic coffee. Included are operating instructions for your convenience.

For optimal results and to maintain peak machine performance, we recommend cleaning your machine monthly or after every 500 cups of coffee brewed.

Please note: This product is specifically designed for coffee oil removal. For descaling solutions, refer to the Gaggia Descaler on our dedicated page.

1 Pack of 6 Tablets