Illy IperEspresso Decaffeinated Espresso Coffee Capsules (1 Pack of 18)

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  • Blend: Illy IperEspresso Decaffeinated is rich and balanced with notes of caramel without the caffeine.
  • Blend's Origins: illy’s IperEspresso capsules contain a distinctive blend of fine Arabica coffees with a smooth, rich and full-bodied taste that is created from the skillful blending of 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans, meticulously selected from 9 different growing regions around the world.
  • Compatibility: Capsules are compatible with the Francis Francis X1, X7, X7.1, X7.1 Sunrise, X8, X9, Y1, Y1.1, Y3, Y5, Y5 Duo, Y5 Milk, Cuisinart for illy, or Gaggia for illy Espresso machines.
  • What is the iperEspresso Capsule system? The innovative iperEspresso capsule system makes Italian Caffé Bar quality espresso with ease. Unlike conventional one-stage systems, the iperEspresso capsule system uses a patented two-stage process to create intensely aromatic, full-bodied espresso with rich, long-lasting crema. And the capsules make for quick and easy clean up: when the coffee is extracted from the capsule, it does not touch anything except the coffee cup!
  • New technology that produces genuine, authentic, sumptuous Espresso, cup after cup; powered to be your own Italian Coffee Expert, right in the comfort of your own kitchen, Iperespresso handles every detail, precisely calibrating temperature, pressure and extraction time with the revolutionary two-phase extraction process called “hyper infusion”. 
  •  Quantity: 1 Pack of 18 Coffee Capsules