Lavazza Crema Classica 6Kg Coffee Beans (6 Packs of 1Kg)

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Lavazza Expert Crema Classica Coffee Beans, a perfectly balanced blend of coffees with a consistent, velvety cream and rich aroma of dark chocolate and spices for a smooth espresso.
Please note: Lavazza has recently updated their Intensity Scale from 1/10 to 1/13: you may therefore receive your Lavazza Crema Classica Coffee Beans in bags showing either 8/10 or 10/13.

COMPOSITION: Arabica and Robusta

ORIGIN: South America, Africa and Asia

AROMA: Notes of dark chocolate and spices

TASTE: Rich and balanced



QUANTITY: 6 Packs of 1Kg

Suitable for Professional and Home Bean to Cup Systems, and any coffee grinding machines.
New Packaging - Product Unaltered