Lavazza Crema Ricca 6Kg Coffee Beans (6 Packs of 1Kg)

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Lavazza Crema Ricca Coffee Beans, a balanced and enveloping blend coming from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations, with pleasant hints of dried fruit and dark chocolate. It evokes the aromatic fragrances of cocoa with notes of biscuit and freshly baked bread.
Please note: Lavazza has recently updated their Intensity Scale from 1/10 to 1/13: you may therefore receive your Lavazza Crema Ricca Coffee Beans in bags showing either 7/10 or 9/13. Product Unaltered.

COMPOSITION: Arabica and Robusta

ORIGIN: South America and South East Asia

AROMA: Notes of cocoa, biscuit and freshly baked bread

TASTE: Lingering flavour


INTENSITY: 9 (Medium Intense)

QUANTITY: 6 Packs of 1Kg

Suitable for Professional and Home Bean to Cup Systems, and any coffee grinding machines.
*The Rainforest Alliance certification seal means that the product was produced by
farmers, foresters and/or companies working together to create a world where
people and nature thrive in harmony.