Nespresso Compatible Lavazza PREMIUM BUNDLE - 40 Coffee Capsules

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Nespresso* Compatible Lavazza PREMIUM BUNDLE comprises of 4 Premium blends of 10 Aluminium Coffee Capsules each, for a total of 40 assorted coffee capsules, as follows:

1) Qualità Oro, sweet and delicate, a creamy coffee with an elegant taste.

COMPOSITION: 100% Arabica

ORIGIN: Central and South America

AROMA: Delicate with Fruity and Floral Notes

TASTE: Sweet



QUANTITY: 1 Pack of 10

2) Qualità Rossa, a full-bodied and balanced espresso, with a dried fruit aftertaste. The espresso that encompasses the Italian lifestyle.

COMPOSITION: Arabica and Robusta

ORIGIN: Central/South America, Africa and South/East Asia

AROMA: Chocolate, Dried fruit

TASTE: Full-bodied



QUANTITY: 1 Pack of 10

3) Tierra for Planet, organic roasted coffee beans, hand-picked from Rainforest Alliance certified sustainable agriculture** plantations: experience a creamy espresso with notes of biscuit and chocolate.

COMPOSITION: 100% Arabica

ORIGIN: Central/South America, Africa

AROMA: Fruity, with notes of Chocolate

TASTE: Light



QUANTITY: 1 Pack of 10

4) Maestro Espresso Ristretto, an intense and full-bodied espresso, with notes of chocolate and caramel. Short and strong: less is more, even for coffee.

COMPOSITION: Arabica and Robusta

ORIGIN: Central-South America, Asia, Africa

AROMA: Intense Chocolate and Caramel Notes

TASTE: Full-bodied



QUANTITY: 1 Pack of 10

Aluminium capsules compatible only with Nespresso® Original* machines; not compatible with Nespresso® Vertuo* machines.

*Nespresso® Original and Nespresso® Vertuo are trademarks of a third party without any link with Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

**The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests to make responsible business the new normal. They aim to protect forests and improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities.

***Lavazza offsets emissions from these products for zero-CO₂ impact.

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