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Philips Saeco Coffee Oil Remover 6 Tablets CA6704/10 (1 Pack of 6 Tablets)

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  • Philips Saeco Coffee Oil Remover 6 tablets remove all coffee oil residues, while extending the life of your espresso machine and keeping it working efficiently for best tasting results.
  • It is recommended that you clean your appliance every month or after 500 cups of coffee to maximise a perfect performance over time. 
  • Philips Saeco Coffee Oil Remover Tablets are suitable to clean and maintain your super-automatic and manual bean to cup espresso coffee machine.
  • Fully remove coffee oil deposits from your machine’s brewing group head and also clean the solenoid valve, portafilter brewing handles, and all parts in contact with coffee.
  • Please note these tablets are not suitable as milk cleaner protein remover, for descaling, or for aluminum parts.
  • Suitable for: Traditional and Bean to Cup Espresso machines.