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Philips Saeco Descaler CA6700/10 (12 Packs of 250ml)

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Philips Saeco Descaler CA6700/10 250ml protects the machine from limescale deposit accumulation, which can eventually interfere with the machine’s performance, as well as the taste of your coffee. Ideal for cleaning all the water circuits in your machine where limescale deposits occur.

SUITABLE FOR: All Caffitaly, Gaggia, Philips and Saeco Coffee Machines

FOR A LONG LASTING ESPRESSO APPLIANCE: Decalcifying your espresso machine regularly is essential to make sure it keeps performing at its best

SENSATIONAL COFFEE QUALITY: Maintains the coffee taste over time and ensures the coffee temperature is right for enhanced taste

RELIABLE MACHINE PROTECTION: For a thorough decalcification without harming the delicate parts inside your appliance. Safe and easy to use.

QUANTITY: 12 Packs of 250ml