Puly Caff

Puly Caff Coffee Oil Remover 60 Tablets (2.5g per tablet)

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  • Puly Caff coffee oil remover tablets are suitable to clean and maintain your super-automatic and manual bean to cup espresso coffee machine.
  • Fully remove coffee oil deposits from your machine’s brewing group head and also clean the solenoid valve, porta filter brewing handles, and all parts in contact with coffee.
  • Please note these tablets are not suitable as milk cleaner protein remover, for descaling, or for aluminium parts.
  • Each tablet contains 2.5g of oil remover - please refer to your manufacturer's handbook for the recommended weight for your machine.
  • Puly Caff is imported from Italy and Puly is recognised as producing the industry's most advanced coffee machine cleaning products.
  • Quantity 60 tablets of 2.5g each.