Puly Caff

Puly Caff Coffee Oil Remover Powder (1 Tub of 370g)

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Puly Caff Coffee Oil Remover Powder, specifically suitable for commercial espresso coffee machines. Regular use of Puly Caff prevents build-up of tannin in coffee machine group heads, which forms a bitter coating and effects coffee taste. Perfect for domestic coffee machines.

Fully removes coffee oil deposits from your machine’s brewing group head and also clean the solenoid valve, porta filter brewing handles, and all parts in contact with coffee.

Please note: this powder is not suitable as milk cleaner protein remover, for descaling, or for aluminium parts.

NSF certified. Completely non-hazardous

DOSE: 3.5g (group heads), 10g (filterholders)

TOTAL DOSES: 105 (group heads), 37 (filterholders)

QUANTITY: 1 Tub of 370g

Please refer to your manufacturer's handbook for the recommended method of cleaning for your machine.