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Puly Cleaner Powder Descaler - 1 Sachet of 25g

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Puly Cleaner Baby Descaler 25g Sachet, now Puly Cleaner Powder Descaler: espresso coffee machines need to be maintained to allow them to work better for longer - descaling is an important part of this maintenance.

Descaling improves a machine’s performance, temperature regulation and functionality, hence good espresso coffee preparation and resulting taste.

Puly Caff Baby Descaler Powder is the best choice for quickly and efficiently descaling both home-use and professional espresso machines.

Puly Caff is imported from Italy and Puly is recognised as producing the industry's most advanced coffee machine cleaning products.

Suitable for brass, copper, stainless steel boilers and parts.

Not suitable for aluminium thermoblocks or boilers.

Quantity: 1 Sachet of 25g.

New Name and Packaging - Product Unaltered